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Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

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Rabaconda knocked it out of the park with this tire changer! The design is very innovative and after putting it to the test professionally it stood up to the abuse with your typical signs of wear and tear. It truly is a lifetime solution to changing tires as an enthusiast, especially paired with our '12mm Spindle Kit - Grom' if you have bikes with smaller axles like a grom.

The STARTER Kit includes everything essential you need for a successful tire change. The Kit includes:

  1. Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer
  2. Drop Center Tool, 2pcs
  3. Bead Grease Tire Mounting Lube (2.2 lbs)
  4. Bead Grease Brush

The Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer is designed for both cast and forged as well as for wire-spoked wheels, offering extra rim protection. It’s adaptable to wheel sizes between 12-21", on tires up to 250mm wide, has great ergonomics at low weight, and is perfect for both single and double-sided swingarms. With Rabaconda, you can swap out your own tires in no time, whether riding street or hitting the track. Works on V-Twin, cruiser, touring, street or adventure bikes. 

The Drop Center Tools are a MUST when changing tires. They are used to push the bead down into the center of the wheel which helps mounting and demounting tires (especially with low profile side walls). In the case of stiff sidewall tires at least two drop center tools must be used to force the tire into the drop center opposite from where the duck head is operating. 

Bead Grease Tire Mounting Lubricant and a Brush are what you need for any tire change. It makes the tire change process considerably easier and safer, and reduces risk of damage or injury.

Ps. Consumables like bead grease and brush, when used, are not refundable.

Please check below for needed adapters or accessories to make it work with your bike. Please note that the mat is not included in the kit.

IMPORTANT! We recommend measuring your bikes hub sizes before buying an adapter or spindle.

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