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12mm Spindle Kit - Grom

12mm Spindle Kit - Grom

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Introducing the '12mm Spindle Kit - Grom,' the essential solution to change Grom wheels with the Rabaconda Streetbike Tire Changer. This kit serves as the culmination of multiple iterations, ensuring a refined and top-notch product that seamlessly allows your existing Rabaconda Street bike tire changer to also change tires with a 12mm axle.

Consider it the finishing touch to an already impressive portable manual tire changer. Prior experience with the original spindles is recommended (but not required if you read the instructions from Rabaconda closely) before transitioning to the '12mm Spindle Kit - Grom'. It's important to note that using excessive force on the spindle incorrectly may lead to bending. Rest assured, if a spindle does happen to bend accidentally, individual components are available for replacement. STOP Immediately if using excessive force and refer to the instructional video.

This kit includes 4 essential items:

12mm Spindle: The result of multiple iterations, this spindle is the backbone of the kit. Refined for durability and longevity we spared no costs in the materials and design.


Duck Head Reducer: This is the reducer/sleeve that slides into the ratcheting mechanism from Rabaconda. Taking up the space between the ratchet and the spindle in a similar way to their 15mm kit.

Grom Wheel Spacer: Originally designed for all Grom wheels, this spacer goes in between the wheel and the duck head ratcheting mechanism so that the duck head is correctly spaced from the wheel. This spacer guarantees the ratcheting mechanism doesn't get pushed inward causing the duck head to bind. We are also shipping these with extra spacers to adjust the spacing if necessary. This is the attempt at planning for variations between machines and different types of wheels.


Low Profile Stopper Pin: The original stopper pin will be too long and touch the rotors. Unless you are okay with taking the rotors off every time you change tires then you should add the Low Profile Stopper Pin to your order. This pin is shorter than the original stopper and has a protective rubber on it to avoid damaging your wheels.

To guide you through the optimal use of the "12mm Spindle Kit - Grom," we've prepared a straightforward POV tutorial. This resource provides valuable insights into utilizing the kit effectively, focusing on the correct handling of the spindle to prevent any unintended bending.

Elevate your tire-changing game with the refined and meticulously crafted "12mm Spindle Kit - Grom" - a tool designed and produced by Roger at 'On Road Off Road Suspension' for professional use. We hope many of you can enjoy the full use of your machine.

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