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Cycle Cynch Straps

Cycle Cynch Straps

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These are the Cycle Cynch Straps we use daily as professionals. In the past, we used canyon dancers but we always had to work around the issues with that design. The Cycle Cynch straps eliminate the possibility of the hand controls getting damaged during transport or servicing. See more details below to decide which strap design you need for your machine/s. Cycle Cynch has been serving riders since 2007

The 'Cycle Cynch - Original' is the easiest and fastest to use when you already own a good set of straps like the "Pro Taper Swivels" or some of the new style retractable straps

The 'Cycle Cynch II - w/ Tie Downs' is perfect when you're looking for an easy all-in-one solution for your straps. It's very low profile with the cam buckle design and the strap length accommodates a wide variety of bikes ranging from small sportbikes to big ape hanger cruisers.

The 'Cycle Cynch III - Open Style' is for covering all your bikes whether some have handguards or lever guards which prevent the other styles from working. These will have two loops to go around the bar instead of the barend going through the sleeve.

The 'Cycle Cynch Rear' is the final touch when needing ALL the extra security for the rear end. It's especially helpful when transporting with a tailgate down or on a small trailer where you want the extra piece of mind. By grabbing the tire itself instead of the motorcycle it allows your rear suspension to aid the stabilization of the bike going down the road.

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