DBB Grom Build

DBB Grom Build

The purpose of this build was to create a long term bullet proof Grom that would stand up to the abuse we put it through. From being a trainer bike idling for hours to 12 o'clock wheelies we use it the way it was meant to be used. Here's the list of specs/modifications we highly recommend to keep your Grom running optimally. **No amount of modifications can replace proper maintenance**















Subcage and 12bar (Crash protection): MKS (Budget), Impaktech ($ Cleeean) 

Dirt bars of your choosing w/ appropriate risers: Pro Taper CR Highs, KLX112 Bars

Shorty Clutch Lever: RSC 1 Finger, Stock Lever works fine as well if you can adjust/bend it to your liking

Suspension front and rear upgrade: Ohlins; Rear & Racetech; Front

Chain Adjusters: NDC chain adjusters with spools (Easier maintenance and swingarm protection)

Brake Lines: Stainless front and rear

Oil Pump Mod: Necessary when doing longer wheelies.

IMS Shifter: Easier to bend back after a fall.

Handbrake Setup: Big Rotor Rear, P34 foot brake and P34 Handbrake with an appropriate master cylinder.

Idle Adjuster: Ebay adjuster modified

Throttle Tube: R6 Throttle tube

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